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’13’ Hours Actor RIPS Clinton, Rubio and Cruz for politicizing movie; “These six guys need acknowledgement”

Well I never would have expected this to happen.

Actor John Krasinski called out presidential candidates Marco Rubio , Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton for using the movie for political means instead of honoring the six soldiers who deserved much more respect than what they are receiving right now.

The book, which the movie is solely based off of was written for the pure intent of HONORING the six men who fought that night. The movie purposely kept political views out of it.

I understand exactly where he was going with his statement, but sometimes these things will happen as he mentioned in the interview below.

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From TheBlaze:

John Krasinski, who plays security contractor Jack Da Silva in the film, said in an interview Monday that the 2016 Republican hopefuls who are using the movie against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as the Democratic operatives who dismiss it outright as anti-Hillary propaganda, are missing the point.

“I don’t care if you’re Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton herself,” Krasinski told The Daily Beast, “all of them can safely say that if the movie succeeds in portraying these guys as heroes, then that’s an important thing that we should all acknowledge.”

Now here comes my political spin on it: even Ted Cruz, for him not to say it acknowledges our heroes but to make it about that night and connecting it to Hillary, you’re allowed to do that, just say how heroic these guys are first,” he said. “Give them their due. And then say, ‘And now I’m going to talk to you about how it relates to Hillary Clinton.’ But for the most part, that’s not what’s happened.”

“What I don’t think is fair, and what I think is a shame — and actually I’ll go so far as to say a total dishonor — is to not at least acknowledge what this story is: acknowledging these six guys,” Krasinski said. “These six guys need that acknowledgement, and they represent the men and women who serve all around the world. So by just taking this as a political football or ‘this movie is a total propaganda piece,’ you are robbing people of the ability to see what these men and women are actually going through.”

We always accuse liberals of taking any chance they can to politicize something in their favor. Hillary will receive her punishment one way or another, we have to continue to believe that. I agree with Stop doing what you always accuse the liberals of doing and let these men have their few minutes of glory. Because we all know soldiers don’t receive enough credit.

I commend John K. for his comment!

What do you think of this statement by the actor? Does he have a point? Can you support his position? Share your comments below and let us know what you think.

h/t – The Daily Beast


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