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18 Months To A Palestinian State: US Position Unclear

Barack_Obama_chairs_a_United_Nations_Security_Council_meetingThe push to create a Palestinian State, dominated by the Salafist Fatah movement and allied to Iran, is in earnest as the French and New Zealand are introducing a UN Resolution that will grant such statehood in 18 month automatically unless a specific agreement between Israel and Fatah is achieved. The resolution, which it is rumored the US will not oppose, does not set any conditions or demands on Fatah, the party that rules the West Bank, to cease supporting terror or to agree to recognize the State of Israel.

In fact, the future Salafist leaders of this Palestinian State plan on not recognizing Israel’s right to exist and are also demanding a “right of return” for so many of the progeny of refugees who left other parts of Israel in 1948 that such a state would cease to be Jewish.

While the US had placed many conditions on the State of Israel, including limits on building in Jerusalem, ceding land up to the 1967 border, and releasing many incarcerated terrorists, no concrete demands, other than vague commitments to forswear terrorism, have been made to the Palestinians, whom Israeli nations refer to as the Arab occupiers of Judea and Samaria, the progeny of the original Arab conquerors of the former Jewish homeland. The so-called “Arab occupiers” view the whole of the Levant as essentially Arab: they view the Jews as invaders and occupiers from the West, close cousins of the Crusaders.

Such intractable differences notwithstanding, the French have stated that with or without this resolution, “the countdown” toward recognition of a Palestinian state centered on East Jerusalem and the West Bank is 18 months.

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