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18-year-old pretending to be State Senator BUSTED; Caught when real legislator showed up!


Young Isaha Akins thought it would be cool to show his class how easy it was to get past school security and he did a great job, but that’s from one perspective. Now he’s in trouble!

“These country schools think it can’t happen to them,” said Akins of Marion. He said he planned to write a paper about it.

Someone needs to grab this young man and tell him there’s another way!


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From The Blade:

Authorities said Mr. Akins got a tour of the school and addressed the class at Mohawk High School in Sycamore on Dec. 15.

Mohawk Schools Superintendent Ken Ratliff said the young man fooled the teacher, the principal, and apparently everyone else he came in contact with that day.

The fraud only came to light when Senator Burke showed up as scheduled Jan. 14, Mr. Ratliff said. He said they kept the investigation quiet.

Mr. Akins told The Blade concerns about school security tend to focus on “urban schools,” and that he was concerned about “the small community effect — they think that this can never happen to us.”

“I was duping to prove a point, that these kinds of things can happen. They could easily have Googled me and they didn’t,” Mr. Akins said.

Mr. Akins ended the conversation after explaining his motivation.

Mr. Ratliff said Mr. Akins is believed to have attended Mohawk schools around grades kindergarten through second, and has cousins in the school.

“The presentation was about being active in politics, political processes. Everyone thought it was legit, bought into it, including the teacher,” Mr. Ratliff said.

The more you think about it, the more it’s ridiculous. However, this ends, the young man exposed his school’s security measures and made fools of them, so you know someone has to pay. Izaha will get over this in time, but I am sure he’s having 2nd thoughts about it as he rethinks things.

Watch the video report here:

So do you think he should face any maximum punishment for this or is this much ado about nothing? Share your comments below and add your opinions. Tell us what your friends say about it.

h/t – The Blade


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