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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Barack Obama: Republican voters “often agree with me”


President Barack Obama said Republican voters “often agree with me,” insisting that his “approach” at governing has been “consistent” from the start of his term. Obama added that he has proposed policies which “used to be embraced” by the Republican Party. Obama was asked, “So how are you going to talk to …

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MUST WATCH!!! Campaign Web Ad – The Obama Fading Poster Reality


Youth unemployment remains high, with 18-24 year olds facing unemployment over 15%. In a poll conducted by Crossroads Generation of 800 registered voters aged 18-29, only 22% said that they thought Obama had put into place policies that have made it easier for young people to find jobs. We can …

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Presidential Candidate Romney launches text-to-donate effort

Supporter of Republican presidential candidate Romney checks for news on his phone as he waits for the Romney rally to begin at his South Carolina Primary night rally in Columbia

vMobile phone users will be able to give $10 to Romney’s presidential campaign by texting the word GIVE to 37377, the campaign said in a news release. “We recognize that people lead busy lives, but they still want to support Governor Romney with whatever means they have,” Romney digital director Zac …

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GOP Convention: Governor Mitt Romney Gracefully Accepts Nomination for Republican Party – Full Video


Here is complete video of Gov. Mitt Romney delivering his acceptance speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention tonight. Romney shared his own personal story and then called Americans to join him in turning the nation’s economy around and restoring America to her founding principles. httpvh:// Romney made the pledge …

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FoxNews Interview with Utah Mayor Mia Love – Must See VIdeo


Convention organizers sought to put the spotlight on Love’s personal story by airing a short video before her remarks. Watch the latest video at This is Love’s story: Her parents left Haiti for the U.S. 39 years ago. Her father worked several jobs to support the family, including paying …

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Alert!!! Mia Love’s Wikipedia Page Defaced After Last Night’s Speech


The line up is packed tonight, including Mia Love, who just finished her speech: If you haven’t contributed to her Money Bomb, what are you waiting for? Need more motivation, read what some smug creep at The Nation says about people like Mia, RNC Schedule: Tokenism Extraordinaire.  Tokens? People like that writer are the …

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Ted Cruz Walks the Stage in Tremendous Speech at GOP Convention!


“How do we turn things around? How do we get America back to work? President Obama thinks the answer is more and more government,” Cruz said as the crowd booed. “Government is not the answer. You are not doing anyone a favor by creating dependency, destroying individual responsibility.” httpvh:// Cruz …

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Illinois Republican Rep. Aaron Schock: Obama has failed Our Youth


Following a series of speeches by President Barack Obama aimed at garnering support among college students, Illinois Republican Rep. Aaron Schock told The Daily Caller that young people should vote for Obama’s opponent, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, claiming that the current “CEO” of America has “failed” on “every financial front.” “They’ve …

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Dick Morris Says Don’t Believe Media Polls, Predicts Romney Win


Dick Morris on “The Real Poll Numbers” (column): “This whole media stuff that’s out there about how Romney’s slipping, Obama’s surging — one idiot from Newsweek actually said that he thought there would be an Obama landslide coming up. It’s just disinformation. It is not true.” httpvh:// Morris on Romney …

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