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Monthly Archives: October 2012

LATE BREAKING!! Florida citizens’ grand jury indicts Obama and Biden


On Monday, a citizens’ grand jury assembled by Attorney Larry Klayman (r), founder and chairman of Freedom Watch, unanimously returned a true bill of indictment against President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for having willfully released classified national security information concerning the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, …

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Senator for 20-years Diane Feinstein: Opponent is not worthy of a debate


U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Wednesday that she hasn’t faced off in a debate against her Republican opponent because she’s heard nothing from her challenger, Elizabeth Emken, that she needed to debate. “There’s just nothing constructive coming out of their campaign,” said the four-term Democratic senator following a meeting with …

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Texas, Move Over – Iowa warns international observers of arrest


Iowa has joined Texas in warning international election observers of possible criminal prosecution if they violate state laws and get near polling places on Election Day. Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz — like Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott last week — on Tuesday threatened Organization for Security and Co-operation …

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DNC Delegates Can’t Name a Single Obama Proposal for 2nd Term


Dan Joseph traveled to the DNC Convention to ask Obama supporters what are Obama’s policies for the next term if he should win and once again, you have people that know nothing about Obama’s vision for the future…mainly because he doesn’t have any vision. httpvh://

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Explosive Video: When the Navy SEALS called


Powerful video shows that President Obama has taken credit for killing Osama bin Laden, but hasn’t sufficiently taken responsibility for Benghazi. httpvh:// SHARE this powerful video from Women United PAC to spread the word about what happened to our fallen servicemen! via Youtube/KyleBecker

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Superb Ad for Ohio Residents: “GM May Be Alive But Hope Is Dying in Ohio”


When President Barack Obama ran in 2008, an aspect of his platform was protecting pensions . . . unfortunately for phi’s non-union retirees the President ACTUALLY meant that he would protect only union pensions. Revealing Politics interviews retirees who are living with the ramifications of Obama’s broken promises. httpvh:// via …

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WATCH!!: Ashley Bell: Why I was Elected as a Democrat & Switched Party’s. Thank Reid, Pelosi & Obama!

WATCH!!: Ashley Bell: Why I was Elected as a Democrat & Switched Party’s. Thank Reid, Pelosi & Obama!

Hall County Commissioner Ashley Bell spoke at a recent conservative conference about his historic political party switch from Democrat to Republican. He also commented on a few hot button issues important to America. httpvh:// While in the Democrat Party, Bell achieved national recognition as a leader.  He was elected the …

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US State Department – You Can’t Arrest International Election Observers


International election observers planning to visit Texas polling places have “full immunity” from being arrested in the United States, the State Department said when discussing a letter from the Texas Attorney General. “I’m not going to get into any kind of hypothetical situations or predict where this is going to …

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