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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Fox Reporter: Are you saying there will be Witnesses at future Benghazi Hearings…Gowdy – You’re Getting Very Warm!!

Finally! On Fox News this morning, Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy revealed that more “explosive” Benghazi hearings are “coming quickly”. More Benghazi Hearings and I would encourage you and your viewers to follow them closely…They are coming quickly “There’s a reason we don’t let kids grade their own papers in …

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BOOM! Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, bombing ‘person of interest’ has 6 Saudi ‘terrorists’ in family, 5 more are in Gitmo

Confirmation that Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, the Saudi national and initial “person of interest,” is indeed being deported this week now is spreading across the Internet. More details are emerging this weekend as Arabic sources and Saudi papers themselves are confirming “rumors” swirling in the US. (more at bottom) Abdul Rahman …

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