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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Enough Already! You Friggin Scumbags!

Oh it is ON! Harry, Nancy, Schmucky, Barack, and even those “Moderate” Republicans….This has now become personal. For 6 years I for one have tolerated the insanely partisan policies that have come down from on high by these Un-American A-holes and accepted the fact that it was about policies and nothing …

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Where Are We Headed

  The Republican Party and more importantly American Conservatives are at a crossroads. A few points need to be made here. The United States could never have gotten itself into the dire financial, cultural, international, educational or economic situation we are in at the hands of one political party. Recent …

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It’s the Inclusion, Stupid – The RNC and it’s Outreach

You may be scratching your head wondering if I meant to reference the more familiar saying, ‘it’s the economy stupid’.  No, it was not a typo, and unfortunately for the RNC, a GA candidate for US Senate may make the inclusion phrase a little too familiar by the end of …

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Do you buy hate crimes?

I’m physically and mentally exhausted. These past few months have been full of long, painful, and pointless debates. I have spent many hours on the social media sites debating issue after issue with individuals that have views other than my own. For instance, initially I had promised myself that I …

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