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2014 Senate Election Sneak Peek by Chris Ivan

vote-360x240It’s a mid term election year, and I wanted to take a look at the contests for U.S. Senate. Conventional wisdom says the fields are ripe for the picking for Republicans. Lets take a look at some of the contests.

Lousisana Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu is like the energizer bunny, but believed to be more vulnerable due to Obamacare. She is definitely one of the top targets of the GOP. She has never won more than 52% of the vote. Landrieu is well entrenched though, her brother is mayor of New Orleans. Republican Bill Cassidy seems to be the front runner on the Republican side. There is no primary in Louisiana, So Bill must fend off challengers. One of his challengers is retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness. Rob has garnered the endorsement of the Senate Conservatives Fund. A state representative is also challenging.
Democrat Senator Mark Pryor, is believed to be the most vulnerable incumbent. Republican Tom Cotton, a Iraqi war veteran, is already leading Pryor in polls.
Senate Minority Leader, Republican Mitch McConnell has reason to be worried. A Republican challenge coming from businessman Matt Bevin has Mitch playing defense. The winner is expected to face Alison Lundergan Grimes(D), Kentucky’s Secretary of State. Mitch will raise more campaign funds than either, that’s a sure thing. But perhaps Kentucky has had enough of him.
Democrats are hoping to pick up the seat being vacated by Senator Saxby Chambliss. And Democrats are bringing their big gun, Michelle Nunn. Michelle is the daughter of a former Senator Sam Nunn. So she has name recognition, but this is Georgia and red rules here. Republican Jack Kingston from Savanna seems to be the front runner on the GOP side buts it’s early in this horse race.
West Virginia:
Republican Rep. Shelley Moore Capito is likely to pick up the seat of out going Jay Rockefeller. There does not appear to be any primary challenges for Shelley. Democrats will run West Virginia’s Secretary of State, Natalie Tennant. This contest is a slam dunk for the GOP.
Republican Rep. Steve Daines seems to be the front runner here for the seat vacated by Senator Max Baucus. The Democrats will run Lt. Gov. John Walsh. Walsh seems to have caught the attention of the Army Inspector General. Reports find he improperly used his position in the National Guard for personal gain.
South Dakota:
This is another slam dunk for the GOP. Mike Rounds, a former governor will easily grab this seat being vacated by retiring democrat Senator Tim Johnson.
Democratic Senator Mark Begich, who narrowly won in 2008 will have his work cut out for him in a state that Obama lost by 14 points. If the GOP primary doesn’t get too ugly, they can win this seat. Front runners on the GOP side are Natural Resource Commissioner Dan Sullivan, lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell, and Joe Miller of Tea Party fame in 2010.
North Carolina:
The GOP is looking for some redemption here. The sting of the Kay Hagan(D) victory in 2008 still burns. PACs are already airing attacks ads against Kay. Hagan will market herself as ‘middle of the road’. State House Speaker Thom Tillis(R) hopes to unseat her. But Thom must first win a primary. Dr. Greg Brannon and others will challenge Thom. Of those, Brannon seems to be conservatives favorite and has been endorsed by Rand Paul.
The Seat being vacated by retiring Tom Harkin is up for grabs. On the Democrat side, Bruce Braley is up by 2 points. On the GOP side things are crowded. If no candidate breaks 35% it goes to convention. State Sen. Joni Ernst is backed by the lieutenant governor. Former energy executive Mark Jacobs is also in the mix. Four more candidates are trying to gain headway as well. This could be a nice pick up for the GOP if the right candidate wins.
New Hampshire:
Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a former governor, appears as of now to be on the road to re-election in the Granite State. But all eyes are on former Republican Sen. Scott Brown, who’s been flirting with a run. If Brown does go, this contest would immediately land in the national political spotlight. Brown’s move to New Hampshire is raising eyebrows.
The Senate seat currently held by Mike Enzi(R) will likely stay in GOP control. Liz Cheney(R) wants the job but hasn’t gained much traction yet.
Nothing to see here, just democrat in fighting.
State Sen. Chris McDaniel has garnered some serious backing by The Club For Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund, Freedom Works, Tea Party Express, and the Madison Project. He looks to unseat longtime Senator Thad Cochran(R). This is my kind of contest and I look forward to watching this one.website11Team Ninja will be watching all these of races and more so keep your browser here. Tell us what races you are watching and candidates you like in our comment section.


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