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Photo: Breitbart Texas - Lana Shadwick

3 Reasons Why All Americans Should Unite With Pamela Geller

Here are 3 reasons why I believe everyone should unite with Pamela Geller.

1) Division Empowers The Terrorists

The more divided we are, the more empowered the terrorists feel. It is impossible to defeat these enemies with any sort of division, so unity is a key. But as if liberals attacking Geller is bad enough, it is even worse when there are fellow conservatives such as Bill Donohue, Laura Ingraham, and Donald Trump going after her too.

Terrorism is evil, period. It is not just conservatives, but liberals should be standing with Geller because we all want to defeat terror. Just like every other war, each side needs to be united if they want to win.

2) Free Speech Should Be Championed By Everyone

Pamela Geller has been doing these free speech events for YEARS, so this was not the first event she hosted. However listening to the mainstream media, they will make it appear that it was Pamela Geller’s fault and gave the terrorists an excuse for the shooting.

Free speech is not a left vs. right issue. It is an American issue, meaning that every single American loving patriot should be standing behind Geller.

3) Pamela Geller Was Not The Gunman

It was not Pamela Geller who picked up a gun and tried to shoot anyone, but if you listen to the media or her critics, they make it sound as if she did. Plus, this incident shows that there is a problem with radical Islam, not Pamela Geller. Whenever we see Christianity or Judaism mocked, we don’t see Christians or Jews killing or sending death threats as a response.

She acknowledges that there are also many peaceful, non-violent Muslims around the world, yet even when she just utters the words ‘radical Islam’ to describe the gunman, it is considered politically incorrect, and she is then called a ‘hater’ or ‘intolerant.’

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About Mitch Behna

Mitch Behna is a Tea Party Conservative and is currently an editor and writer/contributor for Wayne Dupree.

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