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30,000 Troops Heading to the Border… in Saudi Arabia

In response to the growing crisis on the other side, and claiming that they’ve abandoned all attempts to protect it themselves, Saudi Arabia announced last Thursday that they are deploying 30,000 troops to secure their border with Iraq. As ISIS continues to wreak havoc to the north large, portions of the nation have been abandoned by the Iraqi defense forces who’ve fallen back to reinforce Baghdad and the surrounding area. ISIS has effectively dissolved the border of Iraq and Syria and now has proclaimed themselves and independent Islamic state. Meanwhile, the Kurds in the north end of Iraq have begun the process to achieve full independence.

Iraq denies abandoning the security of their border with Saudi Arabia. Several Iraqis accuse Saudis of financing ISIS. Saudi Arabia is a Sunni nation and ISIS is a Sunni movement. Iraq, by contrast, is the only Muslim nation with a significant population of Shiites other than Shiite dominated Iran. The two sects of Islam have a notoriously combative history. Combined with the Kurds, that leaves Iraq constantly prone to a three-way sectarian split. A problem easily exacerbated by a substantial destabilizing force like ISIS.

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