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4 Indians Arrested, Charged With Raping An American Tourist!

In reading this story, I know nothing about what happens in India, only that they answer my phone call when I have a question about a computer issue.

Four Indians were arrested and charged with raping a 25-year-old American woman tourist on Monday. The woman testified she was given a spiked drink and then raped. She also said she couldn’t remember the assault for about three months.

She was raped over a period of days.

From PressTV:

Indian police have detained four men accused of drugging and raping an American female tourist at a five-star hotel in New Delhi earlier this year.

We arrested four of them a few hours ago. And they, as in the tour guide, driver, cleaner, and another hotel employee, have been charged with rape,” Delhi police spokesman, Dependra Pathak, said on Monday.

The 25-year-old US national was part of a tour group visiting India in April.

Indian police launched a formal probe earlier this month after the victim filed a complaint through an American charity.

The woman, who returned to New Delhi last week, told police her local guide gave her a spiked bottle of water and raped her with four acquaintances inside her hotel room. She has already recorded her testimony in court.

The woman has also told local Indian media outlets that she had no memory of the assault for nearly three months.

The first two nights I was drugged, physically assaulted and sexually assaulted,” she told NDTV news network, adding, “I had no memory of what happened to me while I was in India. I regained my memory three months later around the end of July and that’s when I took action.”

The assault in April was one of the latest in a series of sex attacks on foreigners in India.

I am glad she was able to gather her laurels and pull it together to report what happened to her. What means a lot is the law enforcement officials never stopped until they found the suspects.

Does this make you less likely to travel to India after reading this? Share your comments below.

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