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Kasich’s new ad clearly designed to make people think Trump is Hitler – CHILLING!

Oh my goodness! What a bad joke this ad is by John Kasich.

An utterly desperate John Kasich has released a despicable ad that essentially calls Donald Trump a Nazi. The word is never used, but the World War II documentary-type music, the reading that mimics Pastor Martin Niemöller’s warning about Hitler and his goons “coming for you” – it is clearly designed to make people think Donald Trump is another Adolf Hitler.

If Kasich thinks this is going to keep Donald Trump supporters from voting for him, he is sadly mistaken. If anything, he will never get supporters from Trump if he falters.

Check out this ad!

Watch this video on Kasich from a few weeks ago – it appears we now see who John Kasich has decided to be:

What do you think about this ad and did Kasich pick up any “good” points with it? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

h/t – John Kasich


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