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5 Things Conservatives Expect from the New GOP

2014 was a fantastic come-back year for the Republicans. After gaining more seats in the House and taking control of the Senate, red voters everywhere rejoiced. However, America isn’t out of the dog-house yet, and Conservatives will be watching the new Republicans’ every move until they can be deemed trustworthy. Winning simply isn’t enough; it’s what you do with your victory that defines who you are. With that in mind, here is a short list of ways in which the Republicans can maintain the support of Conservatives.

1. Keep Your Campaign Promises

Yes, we know this should be standard procedure, but an honest politician would be a nice change of pace. You must keep in mind that status quo politics will get you bounced faster than a tri-tip at a vegan’s dinner table. If you promised to fight Obama’s policies tooth-and-nail, that’s exactly what we are going to expect from you. You cannot assume continued support from those who elected you if your entire campaign was based on lies or half-truths. We’ve made too many mistakes in the past; don’t allow your election to be one of them.

2. Protect Our Rights

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are the most sacred documents in America, and we hold them dear. We’re sick to death of liberals trampling on our individual liberties in the name of “safety” and “fairness.” You are our first defense in Congress. You are the people who we have entrusted with the protection of our rights. If you can’t do your job, we can and will find a replacement for your seat. At this point in history, Conservatives have zero tolerance for anyone handing more of our rights over to the government. You work for us; act accordingly.

3. Repeal, Repeal, Repeal

Don’t be afraid of the “battle of the pens” that is sure to ensue. Americans elected you to undo six years of utter legislative failure, and that means going over any and all bills passed in that time with a fine-tooth comb. Yes, this includes Obamacare, which, at best, will be a tedious job, but your children and grandchildren will thank you. You should not allow the next generation to live in a country that is less free than the one in which you were born. If you are willing to accept anything less than perfection, you have failed.

4. Make Obama Break Out His Veto Pen

That’s right. Republicans have been dubbed the party of “no” in recent years, but the reality is that Harry Reid has shelved too many House bills, and those that do make it to the President’s desk have been vetoed without a second thought. With control of the Congress, it should be quite easy for Republicans to send a bill to the White House. What Obama does with that is totally on him. You need to flood his desk with so many bills that he has no choice but to show his true colors. This is the same President, mind you, that has promised on multiple occasions to reach across the aisle, so it’s your duty to force him to adhere to his words.

5. Question Obama on Every Action He Takes – Especially the Executive Ones

America is not America if we don’t question our leaders, and make no mistake, we will be questioning you at every turn. Obama has stood unopposed for far too long, and that’s a trend that we cannot allow to continue. We elected you to curb his tyrannical overreach at every opportunity and to make his job more difficult. This would not have been necessary if he had shown even a modicum of competence, but Obama has proven that he does not have the ability to be the President that America needs in the midst of social, financial, and global crises. A true leader does not try to usurp the powers afforded to Congress by the Constitution, he will play the diplomat in an attempt to move toward a viable solution. A true leader does not say “yeah well, I have a pen and a phone so I don’t need you,” when those around him refuse to work together. A true leader does not just issue executive orders because he wants to further his progressive agenda at the expense of the working class. And because Obama is not a true leader, it’s now your job to hound him relentlessly and force him to explain every detail of his decision making.

Just remember that when you feel alone amongst your colleagues, millions of Americans have your back. If you need a dose of confidence, or if the pressure from lobbyists and fellow Congressmen is getting too great, you can return to your home state without fear of reprisal, so long as you meet the criteria above. We need you to have a backbone, because you are OUR voice. It’s time to get to work.

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