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6 Years Later: A Bit Of Nostalgia For This Election Season

Never Ever Forget

It was almost six years ago now. Six years since those of us who had serious alarm bells ringing were drowned out by a tempest of religious fanaticism and fervent hero-worship for a mysterious, dark-horse candidate that no one outside of right-wing media even attempted to properly vet.

Decades of societal engineering paid off as millions swarmed to the voting booths seeking a president 180° out from everything a free nation should desire from a candidate. Not once did they consider his background, his motivations, his ideology, or his experiences. Well, some did. The ones who were 100% in line with him. They believed intelligence and education translated into wisdom and competence when it wasn’t theoretical anymore and actually mattered. They elected someone who had never really been in charge of anything to be in charge of everything without batting an eye.

Arguably the most heartbreaking aspect was how so many viewed him as an approachable, friendly, everyday person who understood their plight and could talk to the royal family of Saudi Arabia and them in equal measure. In reality, it is far easier to make the argument that the president and first lady hold a narcissistic self-image, perceiving themselves as contemporary royalty deserving of the finer things in life. The only interaction with non-elites they desire is of a service nature.

Black people in particular held him in such regard and felt themselves at last with a president they could relate to. But he’s a half white man raised by his white family who was sent to expensive private schools and ivy league universities. He couldn’t care less about the color of his skin save for when it’s politically expedient and never spends a minute thinking on the disadvantages of minorities in America except on how to perpetuate them for the benefit of the democrat party’s vote plantations.

This is what this country elected, and then reelected, into office. It epitomizes decision-making based on moods and blind emotional attachment rather than logic and factual research. It wasn’t just a bad decision at a weak time when we were largely disgusted with a republican president, who was functionally acting as a democrat, it was a trap that was flawlessly timed and executed by those seeking to fundamentally change the greatest, most successful, most prosperous, and fairest nation the world has ever seen. They didn’t even have to hide, no one was paying attention. They were too occupied in disturbing cultish ritual behavior.

Who could ever forget this terrifying religious propaganda video:

So reread the Times article chronicling that fateful day where we solidified our descent back into the old world. Read the words and relive the celebrations of the oblivious and newly damned. A day when a majority accepted a bribe, a deal with the devil with serious strings attached. After the better part of a decade the only ones better off are those that were in positions of advantage with the administration or those that have decided to move in direct defiance of it. In closing, here are some choice quotations from around the web from people who honestly believed. That the presence of greatness alone could carry the day. Laugh heartily at their shortsightedness, for otherwise all one can do is despair. The dancing dead, where are they now?

 Do you think that now the Republicans finally may see that the American people don’t want more culture war — the constant fight against gays, the abortion debate, the theocrats trying to impose their god on us — and just want competent government? And when will McCain do a mea culpa on all the sleaze of this campaign and redeem himself with the media?”

After living through a very dark and divisive time in American history, for the first time in many years I am feeling truly optimistic about our future. My 10-year-old son got very involved in the political process — we placed a yard sign, carved an Obama “rising sun” jack-o-lantern, he participated in exit-polling at his school and I took him with me to the polls where he and I pressed the touch screen together for Obama, after waiting in line for three hours (during which I explained to him that waiting three hours was no big thing compared to the sacrifices by those who ensured our ability to do so). This is certainly a historic election that I mark as a turning point — in which we live in an America where anything is truly possible, anyone can grow up to be president, and extremism no longer rules.”

Obama wins. The nightmare is over God it feels good to wake up.

Last one (deep breath)

Just a small vent… For the past 8 years I have had MY patriotism questioned by these chicken hawk motherfrakers. My father, my uncle, my sister, my brother, my first husband, my second husband, and I ALL served this country in the armed forces. My brother is in Saudi Arabia on his second rotation. We were/are all Democrats. My dad was a Democratic party official and candidate in PA during the early ’70’s. He was what you might call a community organizer. And he went out of his way to help Vietnam vets find housing, jobs, and a voice in the system. Imagine… We have served, and continue to serve our country proudly and well. McCain, Palin, Bush, Cheney, Rove, and their supporters worked so hard to redefine my family as somehow unAmerican because we have some different visions about our country. Well, screw all of them. They don’t deserve any more of our attention. Just shut up. You all belong on the dung heap of history. It was truly wonderous to watch Obama help bring back what is so great about this country. And truly sad to realize how far down we have gone. It’s time to let the real grown-ups run things….Yes, we can!

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Married father of three. 5 C's. Particularly concerned with matters pertaining to the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments.

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