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70% Of Portland Anti-Trump Protesters Didn’t Vote; But Don’t Expect MSM To Tell You That!

This is not a shock to me; I have been mentioning this on my radio show every night. These protesters, rioters, agitators didn’t even vote, but they can protest because of why again? Are they getting paid by extreme factions? This is ridiculous!

If you didn’t vote to go home, you are irrelevant. You have nothing to be rioting. You missed your chance to have your voice heard. Move on people! We may not have liked it when Obama was elected, but we weren’t in the streets setting fires and causing destruction to our cities.

Ben Swann breaks down the news nobody wants to hear or talk about. 70 Percent of Portland, OR protesters didn’t even vote. How’s that for not exercising your right to participate in the real discussion.

I find it interesting that these same people try to convince everyone that, they are strong, ready to take on problems, oh, and feminist that have whatever. They are certainly showing pure immaturity. What would they do if all of a sudden there was a serious earthquake. Cry or think!

If you don’t participate your opinion is null. It’s a Democracy! Each side has their right to vote. Each side has their right to protest. Most of these protestors and rioters are spoiled children wanting to hang out and act a fool and say they did it just because. Don’t have any clue why they are protesting!

How about we let them wake up to another day of protesting and have them find no one is watching because the media isn’t giving their tantrums attention? How about colleges have attendance policies and see what happens when they’re dropped from the courses they paid for?

Our President needs to call for an end to this. Where is our National Guard? A week of ‘rioting’, not protesting, is enough. If we can’t control this situation, how are we ever going to contain ISIS?

Here’s the bottom line, register to vote, then vote and afterward do all the protesting you want. Until then get a job and do something constructive, and those of you that didn’t vote too bad you lost!

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