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Former Vice President Al Gore speaks at the International CTIA Wireless show in Las Vegas, Friday, April 3, 2009. Gore says government investment in green infrastructure projects, including creation of a "smart," energy efficient electricity grid, will create jobs and help address the threat of climate change. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong) Original Filename: APTOPIX_Cell_Phone_Show_Gore_NVJH103.jpg

A +2°C Increase Means We Are All Dead by 2050!!!

A 2C Increase Means We Are All Dead by 2050 or close to it, according to the alarmists. Yet the planet has been warmer than that not only in the recent human past, but also in the geological deep time past. It’s not warmth that kills, it’s cold. Seems to me the AGW alarmists are hedging their bets as to whom it will blame for an economic collapse. In the Huffington Post Christopher Reyer of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research claimed that by 2100:

I guess it should be between three and four degrees hotter. We used to think that we were headed for +8°C, but that will never happen. We are not even on track for +6°C because economies will be collapsing long before we get there. We know that after +2°C, dangerous things start happening, and we start passing crucial tipping points, like the West Antarctica ice sheet collapse, which has reportedly already begun.

According to Reyer we don’t have to wait that long, as by 2050:

What will a two degrees warmer world, which we seem likely to inhabit by 2050, look like? Two degrees is not a picnic either. Imagine events like the 2003 European heat wave, the 2010 Russian heat wave which had repercussions on the global wheat market, and Hurricane Katrina, all of them happening simultaneously everywhere in the world.

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