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A Bad Habit of Forgetfulness

Have you ever forgotten something? Have you ever been focused on one thing and then something happens, and you whole focus changes? To be honest, I wanted to write about something different but today I saw something that totally gripped my heart. This afternoon, I was watching a movie on an old VCR tape and when the movie ended, something came on the screen and moved me to tears.

It was images of the planes hitting the Twin Towers, Pentagon and the scar in the land where a plane was brought down by the passengers, on purpose, to avoid more deaths. I saw images of both towers falling, the ash filling the air and people running for their lives. It was the 4 year anniversary memorial of 9/11 and they were remembering that horrible day and was followed by the names of the victims being read aloud by their family members.

As I watched, I cried for the thousands of lives lost that day. However, that was only part of the sadness. I was also sad because of the realization that we no longer have national memorials for those lives lost and we are developing a bad habit of forgetfulness.

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