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A Brief History Of Democrats, Republicans, And Racism

It’s always amazing to see how many people view the two main political parties in this country. We have the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, which are both known for certain things. Sadly though, most people have been misled on what these parties have stood for and continue to stand for today. The Republican Party has generally been viewed as being old, White, racist males. The Democrats supposedly stand for the blue-collar, middle-class worker, and minorities. Minorities, including the majority of Black Americans continue 0204-debt-limit-spending-cuts_full_600to vote Democrat overwhelmingly. Why is this? Sadly, many people do not know their party’s history and simply take what the media tells them as gospel.

First off, let’s begin by saying the two parties never switched sides years ago as many people claim. This did not happen. It just didn’t. The Democrats have done a great job though of controlling the information that many Americans have accessed. They have led many people and most Blacks to believe that the Republicans are evil racists only to deflect their own racist history. Their history is full of the very same things that most minorities believe the Republicans are responsible for. This is frustrating to say the least because too many people are misinformed.

Let’s begin by letting you know that it was the Democratic Party who gave us the Klu Klux Klan. They gave us the Jim Crow laws and many other forms of legislation that resulted in doing major harm to the Black communities. This is why it remains extremely frustrating to see many Black Americans today continuing to vote Democrat when it is their party who kept them enslaved in the first place. What has the Democratic Party done for Black Americans? What do they do for them today? You have to look much deeper than just what is thrown as scraps to keep them afloat. Look at the bigger picture and for crying out loud, look at their history.

The Democratic Party fought to expand slavery as Republicans fought to end it. This makes Republicans racist? Democrats passed the Jim Crow Laws, supported and backed the Dred Scott decision, and fought against anti-lynching laws. This makes Republicans racist? Have you heard of Robert Byrd? He was a Senator from West Virginia who led his chapter in the KKK. He was also a Democrat. I am sure you remember hearing about Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky filibustering over Drone Strikes and the civil liberties of American citizens. Robert Byrd also was part of a historical filibuster in our history. He joined other Democrats in an unsuccessful filibuster against the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 for 14 straight hours to keep it from passage.

Does one man dictate what an entire party stands for? Absolutely not, but the actions and decisions made by the party itself throughout their entire history sure do. Democrats know their history isn’t positive towards racism, which is why they have perpetuated the lie that they were always for civil rights. This is just not so. They are certainly entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.

– Ronald Reagan

While the media and government schools tell us one thing, history tells us another. It’s also amazing that the DNC’s own website scrubbed clean a large portion of the not so positive information on their history in regards to Black Americans. Decades have vanished from their official party’s history. Poof! Gone! All those years that made life for Black Americans hell on Earth have been wiped away with not a sound from the media.

Regarding the Republican Party, they have always been for civil rights. They helped champion Constitutional amendments ending slavery, giving Black Americans the right to vote, as well as securing that right. The Republican Party supported and helped push through most of the civil rights laws from the 1860’s to the 1960’s with much opposition from Democrats. The original Republican Party platform was to abolish slavery, while the Democratic platform included language to protect their so-called right to force people into slavery.

Today, a large majority of Black Americans vote and consider themselves a Democrat without knowing the real story behind their party. 93 percent of Blacks voted for Barack Obama in 2012 down from 95 percent in 2008. One can only speculate to exactly what it was that persuaded them, but it surely wasn’t the great economy we’ve all experienced under this administration.

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