A Helpful Guide to Truthy and Hate Speech

Recently the benevolent and transparent feds, through a National Science Foundation grant to Indiana University, decided to spend nearly $1 million of OUR tax dollars to create a Twitter-centric “web service that will monitor ‘suspicious memes’ and what it considers to be ‘false and misleading ideas,’ with a major focus on political activity online.” Ahem, let me translate this bit of nonsense I like to call “government speak.” The Obama regime is paying a university to stalk conservatives in social media, particularly on Twitter, and TELL ON US for not falling in line, and daring to speak out against their crap agenda. Because let’s be honest, that’s truly what hate speech is to these buffoons.

Known as “Truthy,” the service’s lead “investigator” is Filippo Menczer who has been linked to multiple progressive sites such as Organizing for Action, Moveon.org, Greenpeace and True Majority… surely there will be no bias in Mr. Menczer’s investigations, right? HA. Right.

Since I have been unable to find official guidelines about what Truthy will consider hate speech, misleading ideas and subversive propaganda, I have taken it up on myself to come up with a list to assist my fellow conservatives when they’re out there in social media because I’m a giver.

What will Truthy consider Hate Speech?

1. Any and all tweets championing freedom and individual liberty.

2. Voicing concerns over a growing welfare state and how much you pay in taxes every year while others pay nothing.

3. Questioning the president when he makes a five-minute speech about an American brutally murdered by terrorists before fist-bumping liberal donors for five hours on the golf course.

4. Making jokes about the FLOTUS’ ample derriere.

5. Being a conservative woman in general.

6. Being a conservative minority in general.

7. Did I mention making jokes about the FLOTUS’ ample derriere?

8. Complaints about losing your health insurance policy or doctor.

9. Retweeting and/or responding positively to the following people on twitter: James Woods, Wayne Dupree, Larry the Cable Guy, Chuck Woolery, Allen West, Senator Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Governor Rick Perry, Jon Voight, Nick Searcy, Michelle Malkin, Holly Fisher, Harriet Baldwin, Adam Baldwin, etc.

10. That thing about the FLOTUS’ derriere? DON’T DO IT!

11. Badmouthing golf in any way.

12. Wondering if Officer Wilson is actually innocent in Ferguson and calling for a full investigation before making a judgement? Big time no-no.

13. Any mention of God, prayer or the Bible.

14. Being pro-life and championing the innocent.

15. Okay, one joke about the FLOTUS’ derriere will be permitted, but just one.

16. Tweets celebrating our military and vets.

17. Pointing out Obama bragged about ending the war in Iraq and then said it wasn’t his idea.

18. Insisting you DID build that.

19. Dispelling the “wage gap” myth.

20. Pointing out the climate changes naturally and not by the actions of man.

I’m sure there are many other “red flag” words, statements and ideas I’m not thinking of but you know what… who cares? In the end does it matter what this “tissue paper feelings” administration considers hate speech when it’s so clear they hate America and everything she stands for anyway? If my standing up for my country, my family and my God is subversive, then so be it. I’m not going to be intimidated by a government wetting itself over conservatives unwilling to sit in the back of the proverbial bus.

Oh yeah and in closing – the FLOTUS’ derriere is SO big…

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