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A Love Letter to You Ladies on the Right

Ladies of liberty, know for all time that you rock. You’re proof positive that self-confidence, self-respect, and class are the ultimate winning combination. In the hard times that lie ahead your example to all will be essential. Without you, we would already be lost.

The left, ironically, likes to whine about strength. You recognize the strength you have. The innate mystique and power that women possess. Where a lefty woman demands “equality”, you assume it. When feminists screech for extra special equal treatment, you treat men as equals. Thank you, thank you so much. Your graciousness knows no bounds.

There are those that would have women believe that men like me are at war with them, and the only reason we like you is because you’re somehow traitors to your gender. Apparently you’re content to walk three steps behind us and you know the right shades of makeup for covering the bruises when dinner isn’t ready. Maybe that’s why the left is so comfortable saying things about women on the right that I’d never repeat here. They’re convinced you like the abuse they know you must receive at home.

On the other side of the coin, us dudes are supposedly intimidated by intelligent, self-sufficient women. Women that don’t just want to be home-based baby factories. We like our beer like we like our violence. Domestic. I guess I’m a tad offended by the sentiment. But I believe that it is a far worse slight against you.

This all comes from people who demand equality by an amorphous definition through government subsidy. That believe a woman can do everything a man can, probably better, but there are just some things only a woman can do. They believe women are so intelligent and so strong and so independent they need a governing body to enforce equality, it’s the political equivalent of daddy issues. And above all, that possession of a uterus legalizes first degree murder.

They come across as preaching strength and female independence, while continuously banshee wailing at the mean men to give them a seat at the grown-up’s table. Small wonder they view you ladies as they do. Mistaking poise for meekness and candor for ditziness. But the truth is that long ago the feminist movement lost its way, and started to separate women from the true power they always had: the ability and duty to be society’s mediators and decency’s enforcers.

Every prominent progressive woman today can’t seem to help but give off the impression that they got to where they are by elbowing men out of their way. You get the feeling that they achieved their status by climbing a mountain of testicles. The process has made them resentful, standoffish, and accusatory. It’s an altogether unpleasant prospect to contend with someone who stares daggers at you constantly, and makes up horrific falsehoods about us, and worse, the women we love.

Contrary to their opinion, we have no problem working with you or for you. As superiors, peers, or subordinates. With women on the right, loyalty to ideas and individuality come before gender. To us, the war of the sexes is a trivial, running joke. We’re firm allies, ready to fight side by side. Not for equality, because we already view each other as equals. Your success stems from hard work, optimism, and initiative. You flash a beautiful smile towards the men ready and willing to stand with you.

There’s no other word for it. It’s sexy. You ladies are the full package. Forthright, strong, independent, and gracious. I’d be jealous of any men that catch your attentions if I hadn’t already been snatched up by one of you. But you never have to doubt where I stand with you. You’re so amazing I’ll gladly stand behind you. Forgive me if I enjoy the view a little.

Sincerely, your not so secret admirer.

About John Sutton

Married father of three. 5 C's. Particularly concerned with matters pertaining to the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments.

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