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A personal secession: part one

Before starting this, take some time to surf the web a bit. Go browse the comments at HuffPo, Salon, the Daily Kos and the like. Then head over to Twitter and search a few hashtags that aren’t exactly flattering to any of our sensibilities. You’re sure to find more than a few choice morsels of humanity not unlike the following:

From Americans Against the Tea Party’s article about Drudge’s Obamacare tax tweet

Another teabagging/repug liar drunk on his own saliva and the Fox lies and the repug/teabagger lies. They keep on coming and get stupider with each new one. I expect nothing else from any of them and consider the source.

Or Salon’s 10 insane lessons religious schools are teaching American kids

Those folks spreading all that crap deserve the GUILLOTINE

 I found these with just one hashtag search



It would have been easy to find much more of the like, as you well know.

Alright. Now who wants to sit down with these people and discuss tax reform? Immigration policy? Obamacare? The size, scope and proper role of the federal government? And no, I’m not talking about taking them on. I know several of you do butt heads with these people on a regular basis, with relish I might add.

No, I mean actually engaging in debate. In policy making. Coming together to find common ground in which we can hash out our differences. What common ground might you expect to find? Second amendment rights, maybe? Abortion? Ooh, ooh, I got it. Taxes. No? Ok, how about… healthcare? No, definitely not that. The only thing that might do is domestic surveillance. But that is also likely a wash because people of all stripes are all over the map on that topic.

The point is that it is becoming increasingly clear the progressive left is no longer looking to negotiate. They’re not looking for common ground. They’re not trying to understand why we think the way we do. They’re not even trying to convince us we’re wrong anymore. Their only objective now is to marginalize us out of the conversation, or worse. Put simply, these people hate us.

I mean real hate. Irrational hate. As far as we’re concerned, little things like the Bill of Rights don’t matter to them. You see, we are holding back societal evolution. We’re utopian obstructionists. With stakes like that you can’t be held back by trivialities like freedom of speech, religion, the right to bear arms, privacy, or states’ rights. Cough cough… IRS. Cough… Political correctness. Cough… Gun control. COUGH…! Sorry about that. Something got caught in my throat.

Make no mistake, I am absolutely fed up with crudeness from this side. Every time I read the comments in a news article and see “Obummer”, “Jug-Ears” or something else to that effect, it drives me insane. I’m reasonably confident I want this president out of office as much as anyone could, but a crass comment that could have been thought up by an eight year old isn’t going to contribute to his being escorted out of the White House. It isn’t the satire of Limbaugh, nor is it the guerrilla ground war of Breitbart or O’Keefe. It’s petty name calling, and it gives ammunition to the left. In fact, now that I think about it, I’m going to take the position that none of us do in that. Those comments and tweets come from plants trolling to fulfill the preconceived notions of the target audience. We already know they did that at Tea Party rallies.

This isn’t a free speech issue but a maturity one. A reasonable adult knows that, at most, only about ten percent of the words that come to your mind should ever leave your mouth or appear on a screen. To have no filter is a mistake of the young. And the left. A condition brought about by decades of cover provided by the media and college lecture halls. Hence their contempt of all things Fox News, talk radio, and websites like this one. They’re not conditioned to a world where all those things they shouldn’t have said make it to the masses.

I digress, but it is symptomatic of the problem. Call me a pessimist, although I would disagree because I’m hopeful of a great many things, but one thing I’m not hopeful of is any meaningful dialogue with the left anymore. It always descends into a “gotcha”, “I know you are but what am I?” shouting match. And it’s killing us. What was that Mark Twain quote again? We get in a nice zinger, it goes up on Twitchy, and we have a good laugh. Meanwhile, in the real world of consequences progressives get another first down.

Far from being a pessimist or even a pragmatist, I am an idealist, and a desperately foolish one at that. I have a dream in my mind. An impossible goal. But I still have steps in mind to achieve it. Phase I, all liberty minded people withdraw, with nary a peep, from progressive/leftist websites. To disengage from the (fill in the blank)-baiters on all social media. To not respond to those that go to right wing sites just to stir up discord. I want atheists to search for a person of faith to condescend to and not be able to find one. For those who unabashedly hurl racial epithets at black conservatives to be met with deafening silence. A war on women comment to receive cricket chirps for a reply.

Am I seeking to retreat? Far from it. I’m merely weary of being down at this level. It’s a rigged game, and I’m tired of playing. I seek to circle the wagons, to coalesce our forces. When our voice is heard by anyone other than those who seek it out, for reasons that baffle me, on conservative media, it will be at the voting booth. Otherwise, I’d prefer if we play our cards close to the chest from here on out. The plan is to rearrange ourselves into a united front, and the first step is to perform a media vanishing act.

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