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A Pivot Point Everyone Can Learn From

I recently had a significant pivot point in my life and I wanted to share it with you for two reasons. Firstly I believe it might make Americans think but secondly because the outcome is going to be very hard to live and follow on a daily basis. I have a long history of stomach and bowel problems and I am on medication for it. I also have a family history of cancer with my father and uncle getting and subsequently dying from bowel cancer so I have to keep a close eye on things. I have accepted these as part of my life but in the late summer things seemed to be getting worse and I was now also getting very tired and weak. I ignored them and hoped they would just go away after a period of time, but they did not. I eventually went to my G.P. who sent me for additional tests. I was extremely lucky that I only had to wait nine days for these tests as I was getting worse and even plain potatoes where making me very sick. I thought it was a blessing from God I only had to wait nine days and convinced myself I was being seen so quickly because something was seriously wrong.

I checked into the hospital as a day patient and the thinking began. I was lying in a hospital bed with nothing but one of those uncomfortable ugly hospital gowns on, in a ward full of people who are waiting to find out there fate. When I looked around I noticed everyone was older than me, some were maybe ten / fifteen years older and some were in sixties and seventies. One of my first thoughts was, “WHY ME”? I am so much younger than all these people. It can be so easy to feel entitled to things, even life.

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