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A Short Jack Nicklaus Story with an Important Question for Every American

Sports fans always love to debate who is the best ever in every sport and always know the stats that back up their claim. Golf is no different and you cannot have a discussion on who is the best golfer to ever play without the name Jack Nicklaus. Most people know his record which still stands today of 18 major wins. However there are other stats that sometimes fail to get the recognition they deserve – his nineteen runner up finishes and fifty-six finishes in the top five, both which are records held to this day. Jack loved to play golf but it’s clear he was at his best when the pressure was intense, the bright lights were on, and it was his time to shine. But how did he deal with it so successfully?

I will never forget watching a tribute show on TV where players were being interviewed about all of Jack accomplishments and so many spoke about how hard it was to win one major, let alone 18 and they were amazed at his success and career. However as always, there is another side to the story. Tony Jacklin remembered a conversation he had with Jack about majors and how Jack felt majors were sometimes easier to win than regular tournaments. Was this confidence or a very positive and confident attitude of self-belief or was there a reason and method behind this thinking? The thinking was not only simple but ingenious.

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