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AAH! Scariest Halloween Decoration Ever!

My local neighborhood blog, Sheepshead Bites, posted this horribly terrifying Hallowween decoration that was put up by a local coffee shop in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

The business put up a a rather creepy window decal of Russian President Vladimir Putin, complete with vampiric fangs and pointed ears. “Happy Halloween To The World,” the vampire-in-chief declares, presumably before annexing it and sucking it dry, or something.

Happy Halloween from Behind Enemy Lines!

About Gene Berardelli

Gene Berardelli is a noted Republican election law attorney, a civil litigator, a blogger and host of Behind Enemy Lines, a internet radio show that features urban Republicans broadcasting from "The People's Republic of New York City" detailing the "fight from within the belly of the Liberal beast" on We Are America Radio Wednesday nights at 10 PM.

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