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ABC to remove GOP undercard debate; Adds Republican-hating Martha Raddatz to moderator table

Shouldn’t the Republican National Committee have the same power as the Democratic National Committee?

Why are they allowing ABC to call the shots? Why even let Martha Raddatz participate? She loves Hillary and detests Republicans. I’d like to see Jonathan Karl the White House correspondent be involved.

He knows what a President faces and would be a unique questioner. Because economics are very important in this election ABC Chief Economic correspondent Rebecca Jarvis should be the other moderator…we don’t need Raddatz and other friends of Hillary doing these debates.

From ABC News:

ABC News has unveiled entry criteria for next week’s Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire that include no provision for candidates who fail to qualify for the prime time debate. Essentially, that means no more kids’ tables and no more undercards.

According to the criteria, any candidate who does not finish as one of top three finishers in the Iowa caucuses, or place in the top six according to polling done in New Hampshire or nationally, will not qualify for the February 6 debate in Manchester.

That suggests–as of right now– Rand Paul , Rick Santorum , Mike Huckabee and Carly Fiorina would not appear on ABC.

Will the RNC do anything or is it too late to make any changes. ABC probably waited until the last minute to spring this on the Republican leaders.

After ABC’s awful performance in the last debate they aired, I see no reason at all to watch them again, no matter what changes or tweaks they want to breathlessly announce.

h/t – ABC

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