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ABC Town Hall Used Erica Garner As Photo Op; Watch Her Rant Against Their Black Agenda

If there is one thing I know from personal experience, Democrats have been using minorities, especially members of the black community for their political prop every election. It’s an entrenched voting block and they go out of their way to make it look like they care and the other side doesn’t.

Liberal policies continue to promote cradle to grave governmental assistance to keep blacks beholding to them and not let them themselves. This country has been moving more to the left liberal policies and looks at how the soul of the country is being sucked out right before our eyes.

Erica Garner is the daughter of Eric Garner, who was killed after resisting arrest by three NYPD officers. They put him in a “chokehold” to get him down to the ground, and he died.

From NY Daily News:

An upset Erica Garner could be heard backstage shouting profanities as Obama shook hands with audience members because she wasn’t allowed to ask the president a question at an hour-long program hosted by ABC.

“I want to talk to the President,” Garner demanded as the Washington event concluded. “You all jerked me around.”

Garner later took to Twitter to express her outrage.

“I need all of you to know that this #ABC town hall that will air at 8pm is a sham. They shut out ALL real and hard questions,” she wrote.

“They lied to me and my family to get us to travel to DC to participate. Taking time away from things I had planned to remember my father.”

According to a CNN producer, Obama met with Garner after the event entitled “The President and the People,” which aired Thursday at 8 p.m.

Garner’s brother Emery Snipes was also at the event.

The woman’s emotional outburst came just days before she and her family were scheduled to commemorate the second anniversary of her father’s appalling death at the hands of police in Staten Island.


What stopped reporters from interviewing her to find out why she was upset? Can’t see any of them missing that opportunity. Several reporters were sitting in the audience.

Unfortunately, it was a “rookie mistake” on her part. Always get your terms in a written contract, before you show up for a recording. I have no doubt that they promised her everything that she alleges and more. They wanted the “Photo Op.” She’ll be better moving forward

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