Abortion as Art? What’s next…as a heating source?

I’ve been perusing a disgusting website that promotes “4000 years for choice”. This person has an “art show” promoting this subject at a taxpayer funded university (Michigan). She has “note cards” that you can purchase (suddenly liberals love capitalism) and this one struck me in an interesting way given our recent debate in Texas on abortion. Safe Abortions?Pro Abortion note card
How interesting that the 5th circuit court just upheld Texas legislation calling for (among other things) that doctors be present when administering abortion inducing drugs (the “personal” part of this note). Then it required that all abortion clinics meet the standards of ambulatory surgery centers (“safe” in the note) and then require that doctors have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital; what could be more compassionate than making sure that if your gruesome procedure causes a WOMAN uncontrolled bleeding that you not let her bleed out in your baby butcher shop? As we have seen over & over again liberals love hypocrisy as much as they love socialism. Just like Mr Yee, the gun running Senator from California (Democrat), who wants to deny your clearly stated 2nd amendment right while arming Muslim & Chinese terrorists & gangsters; what is for me is not good for Yee.
Wrapping abortion in Christian lingo like this woman does in her “note cards” does not make it a Christian act any more than the white hooded, KKK proclaimed themselves to be “true Christians”. In addition to some of the more sinister and absurd quotes (from the likes of Jocelyn Elders) is the celebration of primitive forms of contraception. According to the Daily Caller article on this “art show”: “In 3000 BCE, ancient Egyptians contained a contraceptive recipe numbered Prescription Number 21,” one poster explains. “It was called Recipe Not To Become Pregnant and called for crocodile feces, mixed with fermented dough, and placed in the vagina.”

Imagine for a moment a Republican pining away for the days when their women used crocodile feces & fermented dough in their vaginas. When conservative legislators promoted the idea of women having sonograms (and being allowed to see their baby in the womb) before having an abortion it was akin to some prehistoric caveman ritual being imposed on today’s “modern woman”!

Clearly this week has not been a good week for liberals/progressives when Americans have seen in brilliant, bold colors the realities of these people’s long held beliefs. From aborted babies being used as a heating source in Great Britain to a Democrat power player (and outspoken gun grabber) and 25 others being indicted for GUN RUNNING and now this revelation of this disgusting art show in a taxpayer funded institution of “higher learning”. I can’t wait for next week!


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