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ACLJ Sues DOJ For Improper Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch Meeting

What a disgrace that my country has fallen from the greatest nation ever to a banana republic. Seemingly run by people so corrupt Al Capone would be jealous. To see the American Center for Law and Justice sue Loretta Lynch and the Department Of Justice over that Bill Clinton/tarmac meeting is something that had to be done but it is very sad.

It’s sad because right after that, the Hillary Clinton investigation was shut down and they weren’t hiding their collusion. They really thought they would get past it without any questions.

From the Whitehouse to the DOJ. I feel so sad for my children and any child they bring into the world unless we’re able to turn this crap around. The thought that the most corrupt politician ever will be possibly taking over just turns my stomach. What does it say about the country if she does win? What a sad joke we have become.

To also have the DOJ implicated into all this! They are supposed to be the Attorney General for the US, not the President. Loretta Lynch has forgotten that. I think, she thinks, she is the President’s attorney and that’s not so.

I am glad the ACLJ is bringing this lawsuit against the DOJ. Hopefully, it works out they are caught red-handed, and they receive due punishment.

From Newsmax:

“This Administration has gone out of its way to hide information from the American public — information that is extremely troubling,” Jay Sekulow, the ACLJ’s chief counsel said in announcing the lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act.

“The stakes are high,” he added. “The American people deserve a Justice Department with integrity.”

Lynch and Bill Clinton met June 27 aboard Lynch’s private jet at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Clinton had delayed the departure of his flight in order to meet with Lynch.

On July 7, Lynch accepted the findings of FBI Director James Comey just two days prior.

While Comey said Clinton and her aides were “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information,” he said he was not recommending charges in the case.

Lynch’s move effectively closed the investigation.

“She has no business having any involvement in an FBI investigation of this magnitude,” Sekulow said Wednesday.

In its FOIA lawsuit, the ACLJ is seeking all messages Lynch or her subordinates might have reviewed mentioning the tarmac meeting, names of Justice Department workers who might have discussed the meeting — as well as documents detailing conversations about news organizations regarding the fallout.

I guess that little talk on the airplane went a long way with Loretta Lynch and of all places, this must have been an extreme emergency just for a talk about the grandkids.

Just think, these so-called responsible two individuals knew the cameras were around didn’t care how it looked. That’s bold criminal action right there.

What do you think should happened with this lawsuit?


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