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Actor David Spade SLAMS Obama: “What POTUS does reality shows, that’s weird to me”

Are some Hollywood stars getting tired of the Obamas?

Waking up this morning listening to comedian/actor David Spade, you would think so.

The Obamas have been looking for attention in the world of Hollywood for years. They’ve made regular appearances on daily talk shows, late night talk shows, reality cable shows, and one could see how this could get old very fast when there are so many more things this nation is going through that needs their attention.

You can tell when a comedian is serious and when they are joking around and in this clip below, Spade was serious speaking about the amount of attention the Obamas crave from Hollywood. Now he might walk it back before lunchtime tomorrow after his publicist calls him and tells him the five movie projects he was in line for just dried up but at least for a moment in time he told the truth.

From TMZ:

What did you think of Spades quick interview? Do you agree with his analysis of the Obamas penchant for wanting to be seen on TV? Share your views below in our comment section and let us know what you think.


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