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Actor James Woods, 3 Time Emmy Winner & Outspoken Obama Critic, Quits Twitter

It was a sad day for many conservatives on Twitter. On September 19th, actor James Woods, who starred in movies such as The Onion Field, Once Upon a Time in America, and director Oliver Stone’s Salvador, tweeted out his goodbye. His last tweet seemed somewhat of a warning to Americans, and perhaps a bit of a sigh that he hadn’t been able to do enough to call to light the failure that is the Obama presidency. In his final tweet Woods wrote:

You either recognize the Obama catastrophe or you don’t. Hopefully my time on Twitter helped some of you finally see the light. Goodbye, All.

Woods followed me on Twitter last year when he began ramping up his attacks on the administration. He helped others on political campaigns, such as the Benghazi incident, without being asked. I remember seeing his tweet of a Benghazi article I had written that urged Americans to contact their representatives and to push them to support a select committee. Later he tweeted out that he would “retweet” anyone who posted about Benghazi. And he did. Both the good, and the bad. That’s the kind of person James was on social media. It was never about him, it was about doing what is right, about freedom & justice, and about America.

Being a Hollywood celebrity, Woods came under frequent attack for criticizing Obama and his administration. His Twitter account allowed everyone to see who he was at war against. His popular posts surely got the attention of our current rulers. Below are just a few of his criticisms of Obama and the Democratic Party.

Woods left no reason for leaving Twitter. Although, over the past two weeks, he came under attack when he called for Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate as a hate crime a Memphis, Tennessee attack on a white Kroger employee by a black mob.

Whatever the extreme left may say about James Woods, he is a true patriot. He spoke his mind on social media, spoke what he believed to be the truth, and wasn’t afraid that he may never work again in Hollywood because of that truth. Salute to you, James. You kept up the good fight. May we see you again, and may more of us stand up for you if we do.

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