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ACU 2015 Blogger of the Year Wayne Dupree endorses Donald Trump for President

Today on the Sean Hannity Radio Show, Founder of Wayne and, and 2015 American Conservative Union Blogger Of The Year, Wayne Dupree endorsed Businessman Donald J. Trump for President Of The United States.

Dupree has interviewed presidential candidates such as Carly Fiorina , Ted Cruz , Dr. Ben Carson , Mike Huckabee and, of course, Donald Trump.

From Wayne Dupree:

I wanted to take the time to say I will be pulling the lever for Donald Trump for President this year, and I am asking everyone under the sound of my voice to do the same thing including minority Democratic voters.

Mr. Trump’s history of success as a businessman and working with people to get the job done along with his love of America, family, my brother and sister soldiers have made all the difference for me. His successes of creating jobs, negotiating great deals, taking care of our mlitary are more than just bumper stickers, it’s real and that resonates.

Some will ask me why I am not endorsing the other candidates at this time. I sat back and watched all the other candidates go after Mr. Trump for months, instead of watching what he was doing and how he was doing it to win the American people. That was a huge mistake and I took note.

The mainstream media, the Washington DC establishment, the political establishment, the National Review organization and it’s #Gangof22 have all tried to force a businessman into a politician’s hole and that’s not what he is. This is why so many in of the elite will never understand why Americans, blue collar, working class have already made up their minds to vote for him.

American’s are tired of the political class and the DC establishment. I agree with Mr. Trump on his immigration policy, we are not a nation of laws and they need to be enforced. I agree with him on being a lot tougher on the nations that take us for granted in trade. We can’t afford to let them happen anymore, this country is going bankrupt faster than you think. As a for military veteran, he says he will protect the 2nd amendment and I believe him with all my heart.

I believe he can make deals and not allow anyone to run over him. When elected, Mr. Trump will be the leader in this nation in my lifetime, not owned by special interest and corporations which means the red tape only comes in the way of Congress and I believe he can make the necessary deals to bring back bipartisanship.

I truly believe he can beat the Democratic nominee if given a chance. Mr. Trump can bring over more voters to our side and that’s what we have wanted for a long time. I don’t see any of the presidential candidates carrying large crossover votes like Mr. Trump. I heard about this tent for the last four years. I say we open the doors and make some room for new voices, new faces and a new direction.

I say give him Mr. Donald J. Trump a chance and Let’s Make America Great Again

Let Mr. Dupree know what you thin about his endorsement and how you feel about Donald Trump as the possible nominee for the Republican Party.

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