Advisor slips up! Just revealed how Obama will help illegals and it’s damaging to America

On December 29, Huffington Post had a personal interview with Dan Pfeiffer, chief adviser to Barack Obama and he made a startling admission.

If the Republican seek to limit the implementation of Obama’s executive order amnesty, Pfeiffer said that Obama’s response would be to cut funding for the Department of Homeland Security. If Obama cuts funding for Homeland Security, there is a strong possibility of the border patrol to be shut down.

Pfeiffer, very comfortable with this interview said Republicans wouldn’t have the political momentum to sustain a mini-shutdown over funding for the Department of Homeland Security, basically saying they aren’t strong enough to weather this storm.

“Are they [Republicans] going to shut down the Department of Homeland Security to demand to undo our executive action?” Pfeiffer challenged. “I don’t think they’re going to do that.”

He predicted that Republicans might try wouldn’t actually sustain significant opposition to the president’s veto.

“I mean it’s possible that insanity will prevail upon the house Republican caucus as it did last October during the shutdown,” he said.

Pfeiffer included in his feel good interview, Obama would veto any bill including a rider attempting to block funding for his amnesty initiative for millions of illegal immigrants.

There is a huge amount of information in this interview and if you have time, it ‘s a must listen especially around the 16:40 mark on the audio below:

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