Advocacy Group ‘A Just Cause’ Fighting For Christian Businessmen

Six upstanding Colorado businessmen are serving 7 to 11 years each for a crime they didn’t commit. Why is this important? Because it could happen to any of us. The charge against these men was conspiracy to commit mail/wire fraud. Theirs is an African-American company (IRP Solutions Corporation) which developed the Case Investigative Life Cycle(CILC) software created for criminal investigations for all areas of law enforcement.

The six men have now served over 20 months while awaiting appeal. Below is the opinion on the miscarriage of justice in the case by Judge H. Lee Sarokin. Judge Sarokin is now retired but is best known for overturning the wrongful conviction of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter’s case in 1985.

Please consider supporting in any way you can these six men in obtaining a fair appeal. You can visit and follow A Just Cause on Facebook as well as A Just Cause radio.

Remember, if we ignore those being subjected to evil, who will be there for us if we face evil?

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