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After appearing with Prince on stage, Baltimore prosecuter wants gag order on case

Mosby has presented the prosecution’s case to the public, appeared with Prince on stage at a benefit concert, but now wants to silence the defense.

Well Ms. Mosby, if you thought your bright career was finally starting, think again. You’ve totally mis-handled this situation so far. And stating that the knife is legal in Maryland doesn’t address the fact that a Baltimore City ordinance makes it illegal. Pooooof!! There goes the case against all the officers. The arrest was legal. The perp resisted. The perp got injured. The arrest was made by both black and white officers. What could be more appropriate?

Baltimore prosecutors are seeking a gag order as they pursue a criminal case against six city officers in the case of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old man who died a week after suffering a spinal injury while in police custody.A court document that references the gag order, obtained by The Associated Press, is dated Wednesday. Assistant State’s Attorney Antonio Gioia wrote that the gag order motion was mailed to defense attorneys.

Marilyn Mosby

The reality is Mosley over charged the officers and does not have a case. This is just a feel good prosecution of the police officers for political purposes and to help stop the natives from rioting.

Additionally, attorneys for the officers have filed a joint motion arguing Mosby should be replaced with an independent prosecutor because of what they call “conflicts of interest.” The motion argues that part of the reason she acted so swiftly was to quash protests that gave way to violence in West Baltimore, where Gray was arrested and where Mosby’s husband is a city councilman. Other claimed conflicts of interest outlined in court papers include Mosby’s political relationship with Billy Murphy, a defense attorney who represents the Gray family, and who donated $5,000 to Mosby’s campaign. Murphy also once represented Mosby regarding a complaint made to the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland about statements she made during her campaign.

What do you think of Mosby’s office asking for a gag order? Should the prosecuting office get it? Share your comments below.

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