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After Cruz blitz, Trump has gained 15 points in last two weeks before Iowa Caucuses

I know Ted Cruz followers will once again call me a Donald Trump supporter for reporting this information. I know I will be slammed as trying to hurt their candidate’s chances in Iowa by sabotaging my social media timeline with made up numbers and such but aside from that noise, let me point out the huge differences for Trump over the last week or so.

Cruz went negative on Trump after the Washington Post news reporter asked Trump about Cruz’s eligibility. Both were egged on by the national media but Trump is used to it, while Cruz is not. Cruz is used to taking on the political establishment but not those who don’t have a filter making his bones in the public sector.

Everyone that has gone up against Trump negatively has lost, and the latest numbers show just that.

From the Washington Post:

Earlier this month, Fox News released a poll showing Ted Cruz leading Donald Trump by four points. The two had a sizable lead over everyone else in the state, and the poll was confirming what others were showing: Cruz had an advantage.

On Sunday, Fox released another Iowa poll, with substantially different results. Now, Trump is up by 11 points, a 15-point swing in the two weeks between surveys. This poll, too, mirrors the recent trend: Trump has regained the advantage.

It’s still a surprising development. Trump’s gained a lot, across the board, while most of his competitors have slipped. Cruz is still over-performing with conservatives and tea partiers (meaning that his support among those groups is 11 and seven points higher than his overall support), but Trump gained 11 and 17 points with those groups over the past two weeks. Cruz’s support among the groups fell.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 11.20.39 PM

Again, Trump’s gains are across the board, but he’s doing much better with a group of voters that seems less likely to vote. He could certainly win Iowa by an 11-point margin, but that depends on his people turning out — and on his having an operation to encourage them to do so (which the New York Times reports he doesn’t).

Read more of this article at the Washington Post:

What do you think of these figures? They are staggering knowing that Cruz gave it his all in attacking Trump. Share your comments below and let us see what you think.

h/t – Fox News

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