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After FBI Punts On Hillary Indictment, It’s Time For America To Punt Her Presidential Run

Well America, what now? We know Clinton has broken every law that can be broken, told every lie that can be told, damaged more people lives than anyone knows, taken millions of dollars illegally.

She should be in jail, so if anyone needed any more proof the political system is a dictatorship, and voting and laws have nothing to do with it.

Hillary will be “installed” into the White House. This is what the new Globalist system does, they install leaders, voters have no rights.

So what’s it going to be?

Maybe the people need to show them we will not take it anymore.That people have the power, but then again do we? We know voting means nothing its the delegates that pick the winners. Maybe many do not like Trump, what then vote for Hillary, the evil witch? ( she is a real witch by the way). At least Trump is for America; Clinton is for Globalism, a borderless world, one world economy.

She is bought and paid for by the Globalist and Saudis; she is not for America or the American people, and as it stands, NOTHING will stop her from being elected, Obama will make sure of that.

Are we going to allow that or are the American people going to stop this, haven’t we had enough of Obama and Clinton? From the Bushes to Clintons and Obama what has improved in the world? The world has slowly descended into chaos under their leadership.

It is time to throw out the old and bring in the new.

Trump is the only answer, it’s now or never America, make up your mind, the FBI were ordered by Obama not to lay charges, the whole system is corrupt.

The more I think about FBI James Comey’s remarks, I get angry! So “ignorance of the law” is presumed innocence in Hillary’s favor. Can I quote the FBI director on that if I get a speeding ticket because I was unaware of the speed limit in a particular area? What a surprise, Bill Clinton meets with Lynch in a little personal meeting, no conflict of interest here. Then the FBI comes up with “innocent” for his wife. One more thing that doesn’t meet the smell test. Is it a surprise that no one trusts anyone in politics anymore?

The FBI Director’s recommendations to not file charges after stating that classified data was sent to Clinton’s email was politically driven. It makes no sense in law and the right thing to do. Our agency needs a new director it needs make a priority of protecting the secrecy of our nation’s data. I hope the Dept. of Justice does the right thing and file charges of violating rules and laws of securing and sending confidential/secret through private servers.

Someone with power over the FBI, if there was anyone, needs to step in and do the right thing. This is the most corrupt administration I’ve ever witnessed, and ‘We The People’s hands are tied.

It’s not right, and someone needs to step up to do the right thing for this country without consideration as to how well lined their pockets are going to be at the end of the day.

There’s much more at stake, and to allow personal gain into the equation is outright irresponsible. This recommendation from the FBI Direction is so wrong. God Help Us.

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