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After focus group reactions, Frank Luntz warns GOP if Trump goes 3rd party, they should worry!

Last week, Republican consultant and CBS News contributor Frank Luntz gathered 29 past and present Donald Trump supporters in Virginia to get their thoughts on the Republican front-runner — including his controversial comments on Muslims. Over half of the supporters pledged to vote for Trump if he ran as an Independent, and many believe he would tone back his rhetoric as commander-in-chief.

It seems a lot of these Trump supporters sole reason for hating the GOP establishment, is the fact that the Republicans couldn’t win in 2008 or 2012. I can understand being upset about 2012 because Romney was a horrible candidate but, is it fair to be upset about 2008?

If Trump were in this for the money, he would have left 2-3 months ago, when internal rate of return was higher.  If he was inserted by Clintons, then they have to slit their throats. The Lady of Wall Street is watching her base, which is uninspired by her, take a look at the opposing candidate. Trump is in this to win.

Watch this group and believe me you will be shocked!

I guess it’s true. Trump has the most supporters, and his supporters are also the most loyal. After watching this what do you think? How will this affect the GOP and their possible plans of brokering the convention? 


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