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After Fundraising House Sit-In, Black Democrats To Disrupt Speaker Ryan on Tuesday

I bet you any amount of money that this idea came from a white Democrat leader who was too afraid if they did it, there would be too much heat so they floated it to Rep. John Lewis and his band of crypt zombies.

Congressional Black Democrats have been used by the Democratic Party for so long they really think that they are doing something by being disruptive when Speaker Paul Ryan resumes house duties on Tuesday, July 5.

I heard so many of the white Democrat representatives call their little sit-in stunt a reminder of what happened in Selma, AL during the time of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. So I guess this will be associated with the March on Washington.

Democrats don’t know how to deal with things in a commonsense way, so they look make public spectacles which usually reach a passionate point with their voters who also do not think rationally.

From Washington Examiner:

The Congressional Black Caucus is calling on its members “to be as disruptive to Speaker Ryan as possible next week” when the House returns for business on Tuesday.

The Washington Examiner has obtained a memo sent to Democratic offices that state that CBC members are coordinating a “day of action on the floor in regards to gun violence.”

The plan involves members giving speeches throughout the day calling for further federal restrictions on the possession and use of guns. The memo also asks members to be present for a House Rules Committee that afternoon regarding on the terrorism and gun control legislation slated for action on the floor Wednesday.

“During Votes – Members are encouraged to have a picture (not poster board, but a printed piece of paper with an image of a constituent killed by a firearm),” the memo stated.

Once again it is nothing more than a stunt that should be caught out as what it is. The Congressional Black Caucus is tired. They’re trying to hold onto the 60s because that’s all they know. Many of them should not even have been elected as they know nothing about Congress or the Constitution.

I hope they fail.

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