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After slamming Donald Trump’s candidacy for weeks; Krauthammer just made this SHOCKING confession – VIDEO

Only a few weeks ago Charles Krauthammer was slamming Donald Trump as a candidate but things have changed and during the icon’s appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s TV show last night he shocked many with his total makeover.

Krauthammer said he doesn’t expect Trump to sling insults at Thursday’s Republican presidential debate and that more likely that a candidate who’s not polling as well will go after Trump, which could provoke a reaction from the current GOP front-runner.

“So far, the game he’s played is a winning hand,” Krauthammer said. “Every time he gets attacked, it only strengthens him.”

He added that Trump has proven he will be a durable candidate.

“The way he’s survived, you have to say he’s ‘Teflon Don’ up to now.”

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H/T – O’Reilly Factor

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