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After this Judge’s ruling, Bill Cosby just suffered two major setbacks

It really pisses me off that someone’s reputation can be destroyed these days without a conviction. It happens to teachers all the time. Even after they are exonerated, even after the accuser admits to lying, they are still out of a job, and are forever marked as that “maybe” criminal when they did absolutely nothing wrong.

People who are found guilty by a trial of their peers are criminals. People who are accused of a crime are not presumed guilty, that is NOT how this country is supposed to operate. EVERYONE is entitled to their day in court, and disrespecting this legal precedent by making slanderous or libelous remarks is disrespecting everything this country stands for.


From Fox News:

A judge refused to throw out the sexual assault case against Bill Cosby on Wednesday, sweeping aside a former district attorney’s claim that he granted the comedian immunity from prosecution a decade ago.

Common Pleas Judge Steven O’Neill issued the ruling after a hard-fought two-day hearing, saying witness credibility was a factor. He did not elaborate.

In another setback for the defense, the judge also denied a defense request to disqualify newly elected Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele from the case. Cosby’s lawyers had accused Steele of making a “political football” out of Cosby during the campaign.

The media is by far and large the worst culprit. So many times they slip and do not say “accused” or “allegedly” anymore. I have seen several cases where they are totally irresponsible journalists who in all likelihood intentionally leave it out to sound more dramatic. 25% of recent past cases have been found to be innocent through DNA testing that only later became admissible, but because the person on trial could not get a fair trial because of the media, tainted juries gave in to mob rule. Think about that for a second.

Police could right now smash open your door and haul you off and you have a 1 in 4 chance of anything they want to claim. Imagine the media smearing your name, people you don’t even know ready to be a witness against you over mistaken identity, hidden mental illness, prejudice, you name it. Nobody except the jury and judge will have all of the evidence, so don’t pretend you know for a fact ANYTHING about this case because you don’t. At best, all you have is unproven hearsay, biased rumor either for or against, and mob mentality.

Things you wouldn’t want if you were on trial, so for God’s sake people, let this person have a fair trial before you spout off.

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