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After Trump Ends Birtherism Flap, “Dandy” Don Lemon Declares “This Won’t Help With Black Community”

Don Lemon, one of the #BathhouseBeauties over there at CNN feels Donald Trump should apologize for a dead issue, closed out with a press conference statement. Trump told the media corps Barack Obama was born here in the United States, and they continue to foam at the mouth and create problems.

This country seems to need people to apologize for every thought that others don’t agree with. Does no one wear big boy or big girl pants anymore? We’re turning into a country of cry babies.

Don your job is to tell the news not render your opinion. It’s time to let this crap go we have other more pressing issues to discuss. The more the Democratic party hammers this down to the ground, the more desperate they look.

Lemon is nothing but a liberal apologist. As you will see in this clip below, he attacks Trump for doing what the media has been wanting him to do for years. Now that Trump as taken this off the table, the media doesn’t have this weapon to use against him, and they are pissed off.

CNN has been telling him to say Obama was born here; he did that. But it does seem like because Hillary was having a bad week that this came up. Obama even responded like he didn’t care. Bill Clinton said that Obama should be serving him coffee not running for President.

Don, you need to get over this none of us much care about the birther issue however you seem to be anti-Trump to a degree you don’t realize how biased you sound and come off.

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