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After Watching These Video Angles From Charlotte Police, What’s Your Opinion?

Charlotte Police released the police dash cam of the Keith Scott shooting and unfortunately it’s only gonna make things worse. In case you aren’t following along with the liberal playbook these days, facts don’t matter, and they won’t matter when they are all known. We live in a condition which is almost pre-media: there’s so many facts, lies, and rumors circulating at a speed of irresponsible soc-med that we might as well “know” nothing. They will just see a guy walking and getting shot.

The sad thing is, people will still use the same old bullcrap “why didn’t they shoot him in the leg” and “why didn’t they tase him?” With absolutely NO fault being placed on the fucking moron that chose to hold onto the gun for no reason rather than drop it and save his life.

Here are a few of the videos below:

Shouldn’t have released it until the investigation is over. If you aren’t directly involved it isn’t any of your business. Public persecution is very powerful and I hope it doesn’t persuade a mistruth or distract from facts.

Here is another angle:

Charlotte protesters will not care if he had a gun or not. They want to be confrontational as they feed off negativity. Hate is in their hearts. Nothing you can say or do to change the minds of those who hate the law.

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North Carolina Governor responded to the release of the video on his Facebook page:

Obviously they can see whether he has a gun or not and when a person isn’t doing what they are told and they have a gun and won’t drop it, one can only assume they are going to use it. Why didn’t he just drop the stupid gun? I have seen so many cop videos where the cop gets shot because someone has a gun and they tell them to drop it repeatedly and the suspect doesn’t drop it and ends up shooting the cop. If you had someone with a gun in their hand and you told them to drop it and they not only didn’t drop it, but continued to move, what would you do?

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Here’s the bottom line is if a police officer has committed a crime it is up to a court of law to determine guilt based on evidence available.

Trail by television must be stopped, media IS NOT a court of law. Likewise, mob rule must be stamped out, taking to the streets to riot, loot stores and injure people does nothing except overshadow peaceful protest.

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The Media is to blame for the riots in North Carolina because they told a lie to cause the problem instead of telling the truth and help stop the crimes against the police. This all started when a man resisted arrest by not complying with direct orders from law enforcement.

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