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Agree to disagree and find one thing that unites us as Americans

When I was a young mother I was an uniformed and unaware of politics. I didn’t know what political group to follow, because different aspects of both parties appealed to me, so I just did not participate all. I really had troubles getting through the day. Life was just so busy and there was just never enough time at the end of the day. I have always had a sense of pride being an American. Then, 9/11 happened, and that day all I could hear running through my head was “It’s the End of the World As We Know it” by R.E.M. Not necessarily that I felt fine like the lyrics said. But, rather I knew that this was truly the end of the world as I knew it. America was changed. On 09/12 /2001, we were a better America, hard hit, but we were UNITED Americans. Over many decades, I have grown into a very passionate patriot and a proud American. I began listening to Conservative talk radio in 2006, as I spent long hours driving.

Why the personal history you may ask….I have learned over the years…


“Just because you do not take an interest in politics does not mean that politics is not going to take an interest in you.” ~Pericles

“Watching The Glenn Beck Radio Program on The Blaze Network, today a segment of the show made me reminisce of my journey to becoming a passionate patriot. The Segment is called” Two Citizenship’s.”

I immediately remembered seeing the interview on The Glenn Beck Program prior to this with Kathleen Jasper. So, my interest was sparked. I recalled the interview, as a breath of fresh air, a spark of hope and in the closing interview the term “strange bedfellows,” which struck a good chord within me. Glenn mentioned how President George Washington warned us that, “These two-party systems will be the death of the US” and, “When did we stop being Americans?”

images (11)Kathleen Jasper said in her June 23, 2014 ConversationEd article:

“4 years after I read Ms. Palin’s article: I received a call from Glenn Beck’s producer to do an interview with Mr. Beck on his show. I always knew I would be on a national news program talking about education. I just assumed it would be Rachel Maddow or Morning Joe – a safe haven for liberals like me. Not on a conservative network like the BLAZE.”…” So when Mr. Beck’s friend (someone I met at a conference earlier in the year) called me and said something along the lines of, “I know your views are much different from Glenn’s. But he is reaching out to lots of different people and because of what you’re doing with ConversationED, you may be a great fit for the show,” I said, “I will absolutely do the show!” ….”

Doing Glenn Beck’s show was one of the most exciting things I had ever done and I was buzzing with energy.

As soon as I could, without being rude, I checked Facebook and twitter. Messages were coming in like crazy. Then I checked the website and saw people were making donations to our cause. Right-winged, Tea-Party Christians, who knew I disagreed with them ideologically, were sending ConversationED money. I received email after email of kind words and even prayers.

I don’t care if positive energy is coming from the left or the right. Kindness is kindness, wherever it comes from.

Let’s face it; heading up a movement is a lonely place and most days I feel defeated. But the positive energy I was receiving from his fans was beyond uplifting and gave me the vitality I needed to keep going.

So you can imagine how perplexed I was when I started receiving a different kind of energy from my own party.”

The best aspect of this movement is the left and the right agree on some very fundamental principals regarding education reform:

Common Core is detrimental to educators, students and the community.
High-stakes testing is designed to cripple our students and education system.

Common Core and the tests that go with it are about political capital and money for corporations.
So why wouldn’t I share my ideas about these matters with those who want to listen regardless of party affiliation?”

images (3)

I believe that there is hope for Americans. But, we are at a tipping point. The current political environment created by this administration is dividing and conquering us all on every front. From the horrifying VA scandals, Common Core implementation, continuous scandals, the race baiting, hyperinflation, the assault on capitalism and the free markets continues. Every single day it is another failure of the Obama administration, thrown onto the backs of the good American people.

My point is this very simply. We MUST find the things that unite us all, even if it is only one issue and begin to work together there. America was founded on liberty and freedom. Americas founding fathers, a few men, who did not agree always, but stood against all odds to fight for freedom and liberate the country from a tyrant king. We are at that same point in history with the tyrants we have elected. Today, at every turn in life we are being broken down, overloaded, lied to and taken advantage of by a group of Representatives that you and I have continually elected and reelected to serve “we the people.” The true power that they do not want you to realize is that…

We the People, have the ability and the right to stand together regardless of party affiliation, race, creed, orientation and as people take back what is rightfully ours; Liberty and Freedom. We must elect representatives on all levels of government city, county, state and nationally, that put the Constitution and the people first. We must agree to disagree and find the one thing that unites us as Americans. Start looking for that one thing and we will change the world for the better. Look for that one thing in each person. We make the difference as a people united.

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