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Al-Qaeda likes to “Move it! Move it!”

FBI and CIA are observing terror activities in Madagascar.

Previously Ben-Laden’s brother in law Jamel Khalifa had been killed in the region in 2006.

According to the Indian-Ocean-Times, the East coast of Madagascar which has a view on the sea lane around Africa and Cape of Good Hope, is under surveillance by US authorities as the predominantly muslim populations there could be vulnerable to radical terrorist recruitment. Indicative also is the multiplication of “Koranic schools”.


The weak economy of Madagascar and the ease with which a three month visa can be purchased would make it an ideal hub for terrorists. Pakistani families there have textile and hotel businesses, where they proudly display pictures of Osama Ben-Laden on their premises.

In other words, if you want to do business without getting harassed by the government, you have to know the various established businesses out there and figure how they got a pass, asking their permission. Governments come and go there, with the latest President jailed and his supporters forbidden from airing grievances with their radio station shut down. However, the like of the Pakistanis have been there for decades with hardly a problem.

A casual observer of this situation would see a similar situation in the US, ironically: weak or restrained immigration enforcement, combined with a population on food stamps and multiplication of Koranic Schools seem to be the prime ingredients for developing terrorism.

Relatively near Madagascar is also the Mauritius owned island of Diego Garcia, home to US strategic base. A closure of the Red Sea by Iran combined with a control of the sea routes around Africa from Madagascar would be a dire situation.

Madagascar is home to various ethnics and tribes willing to ally with foreign elements to gain dominance over their cousins. What do you think Al-Qaeda is doing there? Do they have a specific plan for Madagascar other than finding safe havens? Or is this part of a larger worldwide language movement to undermine the ability to do business anywhere?  What would you do if you were Al-Qaeda?

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