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Al Sharpnuts & Friends: Any Susan Rice Criticism Is RACIST – This is why America will Never Heal

Will it never end. As long as sad people like Sharpton and his minion are allowed to spread misinformation across the airwaves, this country will never heal. This country will never get their act together and walk arm and arm because of toxic people like Sharpnuts continuing to spread his hateful message and MessNBC giving him a daily forum to do so.


OGLETREE (32:39): The first thing that you say makes it clear that we have to look at global politics because it influences what we can do here. If you look at the one example I’m gonna talk about a little bit later, the attack on Susan Rice, African American woman who has played a vital role in the international affairs Rhodes Scholar terrific graduate has done great work and then she’s being called incompetent and people at the black caucus and other folks are saying wait a minute are you trying to stop an African American woman from becoming the first Democrat to be the Secretary of State. We’re not going to allow that to happen. We didn’t allow that to happen when people tried to stop Condoleezza Rice an African American Republican woman and so I think politics are becoming much more global.

via Youtube/RadioEqualizer

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