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Al Sharpnuts/Mike Barnicle agree Bloomberg’s being Jewish reason 4 brushback on Anti-Gun Stance

Wow this might be the most ridiculous MSNBC moment I have seen in sometime. You got Mike Barnicle claiming Anti Semitism with Al “Diamond merchants” Sharpton agreeing with him, and the only Jew on the panel (I think) saying no way. Is that hysterical?! Other than Jeremiah Wright and Calypso Louie could not find more of a career anti-Semite than Sharpton who remains unapologetic for his actions in the past.

I’m Shocked, not really!!! MSNBC Hosts(AKA Hate Mongers) that are proven Frauds and Thieves  casting aspersions on others for cash. “No Doubt” these miscreants are responsible for turning “News/responsible commentary ” into Hate TV that in it’s self motivates a lot of these killing sprees.

MSNBC has become a parody of a parody, another case in point.

Talk about a stretch to somehow explain the opposition to gun control. It has nothing to do with Bloomberg being Jewish. It has everything to do with Bloomberg’s attitude that he – and he alone – is the person to tell America what to eat, drink, smoke, watch and now what to own.

Trying to make this an issue of anti-semitism is as pathetic as this same set of idea starved whiners making any opposition to Obama’s policies a race issue. I am sure there is some element of that, but most oppose gun control because it does not work (see Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C for real life examples of gun control failures) and because it infringes on a right.



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