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ALERT! Colorado Republicans to protest disenfranchisement at hands of state GOP Party

I wasn’t aware of the magnitude of the Colorado convention vote until Sunday afternoon when I learned the state wasn’t going to even allow the citizens to vote. Delegates were already chosen and Sen. Ted Cruz slipped in to talk to those delegates before the people had their say. This wreaks of establishment cheating and Cruz is riding the train with no condemnation of the unfair rules.The Colorado Republican


Now the Colorado Republicans are fighting back:

From the The Colorado Republican Party shamefully silenced its voters this election season. We demand that Colorado give the power to vote in the Presidential Primary to the voters. We will exercise our right to assemble and peacefully protest the corruption of the Colorado GOP and disenfranchisement that we the voters have suffered.



The State GOP twitter account tweeted this out after the lockout of Trump and Kasich:

Party officials said they were hacked and they would in no way tweet that out but they were able to delete it. Makes you think huh? Share what the Colorado Republicans are doing on April 15, 2015. Share their facebook page event so those who can’t be there can still help by getting the message out!

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