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Alfonzo Rachel: Is Caitlyn Jenner a Christian? Hell Nay…to the nay, nay, nay! [VIDEO]

It might be controversial to some, but I totally agree with my brother Zo without a shadow of a doubt. I am not perfect, but I know GOD’s will as well as many of you. Things according to scripture are wrong and to say you are ok with it doesn’t make it right.

Caitlyn Jenner didn’t become transgender for the glorification of GOD; that was a selfish act to satisfy his desire. Watch the rest of this video here:

I even think back to a story I did with Ice-T, who said men today is in the pussification stage. The men in this nation have to be men in my opinion. We also have to be leaders for our sons and protectors of our daughters.  We have to show strength and courage. We can’t bow to the liberal media attempt to push us to the back of the room. Now I am off my soapbox.

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h/t –  PJ Media

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