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Alleged mass VA school shooting plot STOPPED by local law enforcement

As a parent, you go to work and send your children to school to learn and make something of themselves. I congratulate the law enforcement officials for a job well done in taking care of the situation the best way they knew how with no casualties.

Officials said the two suspects were stopped before their plans went into action. A Riverbend High School student was arrested on October 12 and charged with a felony crime of “threatening violence using Internet.” He was then ordered to be held in a juvenile detention center.


According to the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff Roger L. Harris announced the arrest of two juveniles, who were planning to commit acts of violence against the students and staff of Riverbend High School. Thanks to those efforts, the planned actions were stopped long before they ever went into play. The plot was foiled by School Resource Officer, (SRO) Deputies and Detectives from the Criminal Investigative Division of the Sheriff’s Office.

The spokesman said the school was never on lockdown because the investigation caught the alleged plot in the very early stages, and the planned attack was not imminent. School officials were notified and kept abreast of new information as the investigation continues.

A letter was sent from the school system to parents of children who attended Riverbend High School.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Earlier this month, we shared with you that School Administration became aware of threats made against Riverbend High School through off campus electronic means.

During the ensuing investigation by School Administration, School Resource Officers (SROs), and Sheriff’s Office Detectives, additional information was discovered regarding a plan and intent to carry out the threats towards Riverbend High School. The responsible individuals are currently in the custody of the Sheriff’s Office.

We commend the students who alerted school administration about the texts and social media postings. Their actions enabled school administration and the Sheriff’s Office to quickly determine the individuals responsible and take appropriate actions to ensure the Riverbend community remains safe.

Please be assured that we make every effort to keep our students safe. Crisis plans are continuously reviewed, situational drills are conducted and measures are taken to ensure the welfare of our students and staff.

Parents, you can help by encouraging your child to talk to a teacher or administrator if they have concerns about the behavior of a fellow student. Explain that their cooperation is important for everybody’s safety. Additionally, we understand that this situation may have affected your child and have counseling services in place to support them as needed. Students should contact the school counseling office or their teacher for assistance.

Thank you for your support.

Dr. Troy Wright

I am glad there were no casualties and everything went by the book!

h/t – Patch, NBC Washington

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