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Exclusive Interview on the Wayne Dupree Show with Allen West

Allen West Joins the Wayne Dupree Show

Earlier this week Lt Col Allen West joined the Wayne Dupree Show for a compelling 30 minute interview. Wayne got into the deep questions right away starting with how Allen West responds to black Democrats who want to know more about his message.

Lt Col Allen West

Lt Col Allen West: ”.. I think the biggest challenge is, I just simply ask them, you know, on Sunday you’re the biggest conservative in the United States of America. What happens to those principles and values that you’re shouting hallelujah about come Monday through Saturday?”

Allen West pointed out that back in 1964 when the war on poverty began, only 6% of births in America were out of wedlock. Contrasted with today, the national average for out of wedlock births has jumped to 42% and in the black family, that number is at a whopping 72%.

Wayne Dupree

Lt Col Allen West: ”Something has gone horribly wrong in our community and you look at the inner cities, you , look at how we’re not stressing personal responsibility, we’re not stressing education, we’re not stressing, you know, strong families and family growth. And we’ve got to get back to those cornerstones.

Wayne mentioned that he sometimes gets push back from Democrats and even Republicans when he uses the word ‘plantation’ to describe the dependency-type attitude of minority voters within the Democrat party. Allen West called this hypocrisy. He gave an example of just how hypocritical the left is on this because just as recently as last month, the newly elected Democrat mayor Bill De Blasio used the term plantation to describe New York City.

Lt Col Allen West: “There is a 21st century economic plantation that is occurring for our inner cities, for our black community.”

Team Ninja members Hutch Bailey Jr. and Alyssa Krumm jumped into the conversation to discuss a rangeof topics, from Allen West’s opinion on the recent Bill Gates controversy over his new book “Duty” to his view on this administrations foreign policy in the middle east.

The interview ended with Wayne asking a question that has been a hot topic for Allen West supporters recently: will Allen West run for president in 2016? You may be surprised to hear his answer!

Listen to the entire interview and download the podcast via FTR Radio.

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